Friday, March 22, 2013

Fernbank 2013

Last week I got to go on the 3rd grade field trip with my boys.  It was to Fernbank in Atlanta.  We had never been there so it was a first for all of us.  My name was drawn to be a chaperone so I got to ride the bus with them.  We enjoyed the day just walking around the museum and observing.

Disney Cruise 2013

In February we took the boys on a Disney Cruise...We gave them this as a gift for Christmas.  It was our first time to go on a cruise.  I was a little nervous at first.  I get so car sick that I was afraid I wouldn't get to enjoy our trip.  I even bought the nauseous medicine and was kind of dreading being out in the ocean too!  We left on Tuesday after Chandler's ball practice and drove down part of the way.  We had some friends that went with us.  We happened up on a drug bust that had just went down in Valdosta at 1 am when we stopped to get gas and to decide if we were staying there for the night or keep going.....we decided to keep going!!  We drove about another hour and then got a hotel.  On Wednesday we got up and headed on down to Miami, yes we drove to Miami!  What were we thinking?!?!?!   It wasn't as bad going down as it was coming home!  We stayed in Miami for the night and got up on Thursday and went to board the ship.  The boys were so excited they could hardly stand it.   Once we were on the ship it was amazing, it just went by to quickly.  On day one we just relaxed on the ship and checked everything out.  Spent come time seeing some characters and just relaxing!

On Friday we visited The was a nice stop.  There wasn't a lot for the kids to do.  We did rent jet skis and rode them for 28 miles in the ocean with a tour guide.

Our next stop was in the Bahamas...the weather was perfect the whole time we were gone.  We got a good tan while we were away.  While we were there we went and visited Atlantis.  

Our last stop was at Disney's private island, Castaway Cay.  It was so relaxing and pretty.  Our ship was the only one there so it wasn't crowded.  It was perfect.  The kids got go snorkeling for the first time and enjoyed it..of course a Disney island was the perfect place to do that.  They got to snorkel for 2 hours and only covered 1/2 the area.  Disney had a ship with Mickey steering in the bottom of the ocean.  

It was a MAGICAL cruise!